Baltimore Comic Con Update

Baltimore Comic Con is quickly approaching! You can find me at Table A190 Sept 22nd - Sept 24th. I'll have some prints, a few books, and some giveaways. I'll also be taking commissions. Stop by and say hello! Whoever brings me a Chocolate Frosted donut first each day gets a free head sketch =) mmmmmmmmm donuts....

Voltron Legendary Defender

Ok, is anyone else as boosted as I am for Voltron Legendary Defender?  I've been boosted since season 1, but although short, season 3 is giving me some serious fan service.  So much nod to the original 80's cartoon.  SPOILERS AHEAD Love where this season is going.  Keith is finally piloting the black lion, Lance gets fleshed out more and is now piloting the red lion, and Alura is now a paladin.  Sven even makes a cameo.  Can't wait for season 4 this October.  Discuss.

Baltimore Comic Con

I know it's still a couple of months out but I will be setting up in Baltimore Comic Con artist alley this September.  First time doing a big convention in a good while.  Once i get my table number, I'll let you guys know.  Excited and stressing out a bit, but hope to see some of you guys there.  Whoever brings me a dozen donuts first gets a free pencil head sketch!